Saturday News and Notes

Middle East
In an ominous sign, the United Nations is suspending its peace mission as the international community seeks a new path. In an interview with the Washington Post, Israeli President Shimon Peres says Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s time is over.

Meanwhile, Egyptian voters head to the polls to choose between an Islamist and a former aide to Hosni Mubarak.

Euro zone
As determinative as the Greek elections will be, some believe the fate of the Euro remains in Germany’s hands.

What happens in Greece on Sunday will certainly top the agenda of next week’s meeting of the G20, but other issues will be in play. With 2008 fresh in the minds of international financiers, derivatives reform will elicit heated discussions and developing nations are making a push to include non-Euro concerns onto the table.

An innovative program is using the Kindle to combat illiteracy in Africa, reports the Wall Street Journal.

New Gallup poll finds Americans hold a more negative view of the world than their international counterparts, but a more positive view of local.

New technologies are reshaping how humanitarian aid is delivered.

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