Saturday Headlines

Euro zone
Europe’s leaders are moving to address the fiscal crisis on a piecemeal basis, but the Economist argues this is a strategy doomed to fail.

Leading up to the European summit next week, France is demanding that an agreement is reached among the leaders on banking sector integration before any package on growth is accepted.

Federal Reserve’s Operation Twist
The Federal Reserve Board decided this week to extend Operation Twist and said it will swap $267 billion in short-term securities with longer-term debt through the end of 2012. But not all were on board. Richmond Fed President Jeffrey Lacker explained his opposition to the move.

Also, during his press conference, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke acknowledged the Fed’s strategy is not in line with the policies of the Treasury Department.

Middle East
Perhaps more than anyone outside the military, Khairat Al Shater will shape the negotiations between the Egyptian military and the Muslim Brotherhood, who were just elected to power in Egypt. The Wall Street Journal sits down for an interview with Al Shater.

Does the key to defeating al-Qaeda lie in Yemen?

Et cetera
Michael Gerson writes about the importance of US aid to saving lives in Liberia.

Moody’s brings reality home to banks with global downgrade.

Foreign Policy magazine releases its 2012 list of failed states.


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