Egypt moves forward, but toward uncertainty

Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi was declared the new president of Egypt on Sunday and has started the process of forming a governhement, but that may be that may be the easy part.

“Mr. Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt’s secular-minded military leadership are now thrust together as reluctant partners, representing opposing ideologies and competing visions of Egypt’s future,” says a Wall Street Journal analysis.

The paper adds that Morsi is handicapped as he “comes to office with the narrowest of electoral mandates. His candidacy lost the massive public prestige the Brotherhood enjoyed six months ago when voters awarded them a generous plurality in parliament.”

A former deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood tells the New York Times that he faces strong challenges because “everyone is watching him through a microscopic lens.”

Mohammad Habib responded to the question of whether he has what it takes to overcome those challenges bluntly said, “No, he doesn’t.”

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