Syrian diplomats expelled, but will it matter?

The United States and its allies took a measured step against Syria on Tueesday by expelling Syrian diplomats in response to the massacre in Houla over the weekend.

Despite the move and increased rhetoric against the regime of Bashar al-Assad, the likelihood of US intervention remains highly unlikely. With little domestic support for such action and even less international backing, the international community has simply reiterated its intention to pursue the peace plan put forth by United Nations envoy Kofi Annan. The former UN secretary general was back in Syria and characterized the situation as having reached the “tipping point.”

And Assad seems to have recognized this fact as well, says author Douglas Murray in the Wall Street Journal.

“What we are now see unfolding around Syria is the result of a gap between what our politicians pretend to be able to do and what they are actually able to do, in an era in which everything, from financial resources to political will, is in short supply. The fact—unpalatable as it may be—is that the Syrian dictatorship can do what it likes. Even more worryingly,

their backers in Iran know they can do what they like,” Murray writes.

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