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Future of the European Union
Irish Times columnist Patrick Smyth argues that Europe’s current deficit is not only an economic challenge, but an “intensely political” one. It will “test of the limits of our ability to take decisions together” and is linked to the “democratic legitimacy of the whole project.”

Syrian forces seized a Sunni village killing seven rebels in the latest violence, which is spreading across the border into Lebanon. The assault on the village outside of Hama comes as more UN observers arrive in hopes of salvaging a resolution plan.

An analysis of the ongoing tensions between Sudan and South Sudan and the challenges that both sides face.

G8 Meeting
Russian President Vladamir Putin’s decision to skip the upcoming G8 meeting is a signal that the Russian re-set needs some work.


While the co-founder of Facebook went so far as to renounce his citizenship to avoid paying taxes, several senior executives have found ways to remain American and exploit existing tax breaks, the Wall Street Journal notes.

The Atlantic magazine looks at the ethics and economics of the unpaid internship.

The French are fleeing – again – but this time it is from taxes, not war

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