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European Elections
Voters in Greece, Serbia and France hold key elections that will determine both the direction of the individual nations, as well as the fate of the Euro zone. As noted by the Financial Times, a great deal of political capital has been invested in the Euro and European integration. However, “there is no political or democratic mandate for  ever closer integration. Growing popular resistance to the heavy social and  economic costs which are being imposed on member countries is making the process  harder.”

Syrian Crisis
Amnesty International claims that residents in Idlib are being executed and tha homes in several villages have been torched by forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Syrian opposition leaders will meet with officials in China to discuss potential resolutions to the crisis, but China is not backing away from its stance that the Syrians must decide their own fate without intervention by the international community. Both China and Russia oppose any plans to oust Assad.

Higher Education
New York Times’ columnist David Brooks looks at whether online education paving the way toward the future of higher education? Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal examines whether college is the best investment.

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