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European elections could pose greater threat to Merkel than domestic politics
Germany’s Angela Merkel may be politically safe (for the moment), but key elections in three other European nations could pose a threat, Der Speigel reports.

Is American interventionism a thing of the past?
While Americans may be feeling a sense of war fatigue, global events likely will not permit a retrenchment in foreign policy. In fact, says Foreign Policy magazine, it is “likely that in the next decade, the United States will once again launch a military intervention, though with a smaller footprint than in years past.”

Is the age of the entrepreneur dead?
The ongoing financial crisis, an increase in regulation, and the rising cost of providing health care is having an impact on the American entrepreunerial spirit. By 2010, for the first time on record, the startup rate had fallen to an all-time low of less than 8 percent, according to recent data.


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