Prospects of success in Syrian dimmer

The head of the United Nations delegation in Syria, says that the Syrian people, not his 1,000-member observer force, hold the power to find a resolution to the ongoing violence.

“Ten unarmed observers, 30 unarmed observers, 300 unarmed observers, even a thousand unarmed observers cannot solve all the problems. To achieve the success of Kofi Annan’s six-point plan, I call on all to stop the violence and to help us on a continued cessation of armed violence in all its forms,” said Maj Gen Mood.

Mood’s remarks reflect the growing sense that the unrelenting attacks by the forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad are placing the peace plan offered by UN envoy Kofi Annan in jeopardy.

The Arab News reports that head of the Red Cross, Jakob Kellenberger, fears the plan is “in danger.”

“I place great hope in the six-point plan of Kofi Annan, which includes the UN mission tasked with monitoring the cease-fire. Unfortunately, I am also very aware that the plan is in danger,” said Kellenberger in a recent interview.

As hope in the Annan plan succeeding wanes, some have increased criticism of the role – or lack thereof – of the United States, including Washington Post columnist Jackson Diehl.

“The United States, after all, is more than capable of creating and defending a humanitarian zone in Syria, with help from Turkey and NATO. If it were to support the arming of the Free Syrian Army, there is little question that the army would soon have more weapons. . . . What’s missing, of course, is a decision by President Obama to make that commitment,” Diehl asserts.


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