Myanmar holds elections

When Thein Sein assumed power in 2010 in what were considered to be fradulent elections, few imagined that change would come to Myanmar, a nation known best for repression and violations of human rights. The face of Myanmar, ironically, was imprisoned dissident Aung San Suu Kyi, who Sunday looked to win elected office for the first time.

It was unclear when results would be available for the vote.

Myanmar’s leaders agreed late last month to permit international representatives to monitor the by-elections, but dissidents maintain only a small number of monitors allowed. Even Suu Kyi has expressed doubt the elections would be considered fair and free by international standards.

The election is just the first step. On Monday, Myanmar is set to rollout a new currency on Monday.  And at a meeting later this month, the leaders of the European Union are expected to discuss the issue of whether or not to soften sanctions against the nation.


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