Image of US leadership waning in key countries

A new Gallup poll finds that views of the US remain more positive now than in recent years, but that across 136 countries, “median approval of U.S. leadership in 2011 stood at 46% — relatively unchanged from the 47% median across 116 countries in 2010.”

Interestingly, the United States continues to be held in favorable standing in nations that have been long-term allies, but has seen a decline in favorability in Africa, particularly in Liberia.

“The dip in international approval ratings for the U.S. leadership in 2011 is  likely the result of several factors,” says Meridian president and CEO,  Ambassador Stuart Holliday – namely the European crisis and events related to the Arab Spring.

Holliday tells Time magazine that America’s focus on domestic politics “has  meant that it has been less able and willing to engage on some critical areas,  including the Eurozone crisis and the Arab Spring movements. But it is also  a natural normalizing of international approval ratings for U.S. leadership  after an initial sizable bump – 17% — when President Obama took office.”
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