The World’s Richest Man has some ideas on how to fix the economy, fight poverty

Carlos Slim Helú may not be as well known as Bill Gates or Donald Trump, but as Forbes’ World’s Richest Man he likely does not care. What he does care about is fighting poverty.

Interviewed in the recent issue of Forbes, Slim says “It’s good economically. In the past it was something ethical and moral. To take poor people out of poverty and put them in the modern economy is very good for the economy, for the country, for society and for business. It is the best investment.”

He also believes the effort to reduce poverty should not be left entirely to government and politicians.

“I think that businessmen and entrepreneurs have more experience managing resources, and we can more easily solve the problems than politicians, who have other views. They are thinking about elections, they are thinking about popularity,” says Slim. “I don’t think that giving money should be something done for personal ­popularity.”


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