China thumbs its nose at Iranian sanctions

One of the arguments used by advocates of a stronger policy toward Iran is that economic sanctions are largely ineffective because they are frequently violated by rogue regimes, namely Russia and China. While the debate about the utility of sanctions remains open, there is no question that China is actively aiding the Iranian regime in its effort to evade them.

Under Secretary for Political Affairs under former President George W. Bush recently characterized China as the “major hinderance” to effective pressure on Iran.

“‘They have fundamentally undercut the sanctions regime’ and been ‘no help on the political’ front, he said. ‘I think China is the big drag right now,'” reports the Wall Street Journal.

Last week, the Obama administration called on China and 11 other nations to present detailed plans on how they intend to curb Iranian oil imports if they wish to gain an exclusion from new U.S. sanctions.

It was disclosed this week that a Chinese firm has sold Iran surveillance technology which will allow it to monitor its own citizens.

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