Syrian troops attack funeral procession, Al-Qaeda emerges

The forces of Syrian President Bashar Assad fired on individuals in Damascus who were marching in a funeral procession for three people killed in earlier violence. The attack on the marchers reflects the futility of the non-binding resolution approved by the United Nations calling on Assad to relinquish his power.

CNN reports that at least two were killed in the protests which followed the funeral procession. In an uncomfortable irony, the Christian Science Monitor notes that al-Qaeda’s long opposition to secularists has lead to it supporting moves to remove Assad.

“Al Qaeda’s ideology leads it to hate all secular regimes, but reserves a special hatred for the likes of Syria and Iran, countries that are run by what it considers to be apostates who, if Al Qaeda had its way, would all be put to the sword. Shiite Iran is bad enough. But Alawites, a sect that believes in reincarnation and divinities beyond the one singular God? The religion of Mr. Assad is practically tailor-made to stir the fury of Salafi jihadis like Al Qaeda,” says the paper.


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