Russia, Turkey pursue solutions to Syria crisis as violence continues

Russian foreign minister Sergey V. Lavrov, and Mikhail Y. Fradkov, the director of the Russian foreign intelligence service, travelled to Syria on Tuesday to speak with the government of Syria’s Bashar al-Assad, but no details of the Russian proposal were made available, the New York Times reports.

However, as the talks were held, the military entered a fifth day of a bombing campaign against the city of Homs. The decision made by the US to withdraw its envoys from Syria was followed by a number of European nations taking the same steps.

In another development, Turkey announced it would pursue a new initiative with regional players in an attempt to stem the violence in Syria.

The failure by the international community, in particular, the United Nations could have dangerous consequences, says the Christian Science Monitor.

“[W]ith Russia so blatantly taking the side of its friend and client in the region, Syria’s Assad government, Israel may well conclude that the same scenario would probably be repeated if world powers (including Russia) were to again try negotiating with Iran.

“‘The Security Council’s inability to act on Syria increases the likelihood of an Israeli strike on Iran,’ says Michael Doyle, a former UN official now specializing in foreign and security affairs at Columbia University in New York,” notes Howard LaFranchi.

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