Fears grow in Homs, but solutions continue to elude

Entering the fifth straight day of bombing, the residents of Homs are growing increasingly fearful that forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad are preparing to invade the rebel stronghold, according to Reuters.

While it is a virtual certainty that government forces will not relent until the town is forcefully quieted, a failure by the international community or the Arab League to stem the violence will have serious and broader reprecussions.

“The collapse of the regime and a descent into chaos, in a country where sectarian and ethnic fault lines converge, would have huge repercussions in the wider region. It would redraw its geopolitical map. Iran would stand to lose a vital channel for support to its ally in Lebanon, Hezbollah. Russia would likely lose its most important Arab ally,” reports the BBC.

Any solution, says the Economist, will require Western resolve, the creation of a safe haven, and a united opposition to the current regime.

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