Clinton criticizes China, Russia over Syria

Many of the civilians waiting for the Red Cross are growing frustrated by the inability of the international community to respond to the violence, which is stretching into its fourth week. The Red Cross, however, says they are working as quickly as they can to tend to the wounded.

In Tunis, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton openly criticized China and Russia for their veto of a resolution earlier this month calling for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down, while the Saudi foreign minister expressed openness  to arming the Syrian oppostion.

While Britain opposes arming the rebels, the government has increased its ties with opposition parties.

According to the Washington PostChina’s official news agency claimed that the US and Europe were “hiding a dagger behind a smile.”

“In other words, while they appear to be acting out of humanitarian concern, they are actually harboring hegemonistic ambitions,” it said.

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