Can Africa save itself?

The more accurate question may actually be: Does Africa have the will to save itself? Nearly five months after African nations pledged to contribute funds to famine relief on the continent, the answer may be no.

An analysis by the Christian Science Monitor finds that less than 15 percent of the promised $350 million has been donated, from only seven African countries.

In responding to the lack of response by African leaders, Africans Act 4 Africa’a Anne Mitaru says, “[W]e have to say that the seriousness of how [African leaders] are responding does reflect on their grasp of the gravity of the situation, and it’s not giving a good indication that they have an urgent commitment to respond. It’s disappointing, when this was a call for Africa to respond to an African food crisis that has already caused tens of thousands of deaths.”

The inability of nations in Africa and across the globe to respond in an adequate manner to the food crisis in Africa is also focusing attention on how aid is delivered.

The International Aid Transparency Initiative has already gathered 40 countries and many major aid agencies to work toward clearer presentation of data on how aid is spent. The US has delivered on its full financial commitment.


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