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Is China economic boom to blame for the financial crisis?
Heleen Mees makes the argument in Foreign Policy magazine that “the country that bears partial responsibility for depressing interest rates is a traditional punching bag in the American political arena, one that has somehow avoided most of the blame in this round: China.”

Could Germany’s pursuit of fiscal austerity signal the end of the Keynesian economic model?
John Browne writes in the Christian Science Monitor that if Germany is successful in bringing fiscal austerity to Europe, it will deal a severe blow to those who support a Keynesian “loose money” model.

What does Apple’s digital textbook venture change the way students learn?
Forbes magazine’s Bret Swanson examines how Apple’s effort to digitize textbooks could begin to shrink the gap between the cost of education and spur a new avenue in online learning.

Will capping executive pay really solve the problem of corporate greed?
London Telegraph columnist Janet Daley contends that efforts to eliminate corporate excess by capping executive pay is a proposal destined to fail.

State of the Union Preview
In Tuesday’s State of the Union speech, President Barack Obama will set the tone for the upcoming election by focusing on fairness and the “return of American values.”


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