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The following is a collection of articles and editorials on the issues of today – and tomorrow.

The Economist addresses the challenge faced by European officials in dealing with the crumbling Greek economy, which is in worse shape today than when a debt deal was agreed to last October. The article proposes forcing private  bondholders to assume more losses, to force Greece to adopt reforms more quickly, and to prevent Greece from leaving the euro too quickly.

Arab League Mission in Syria
The Boston Globe suggests that the departure of Arab League advisers from Syria should not be seen as a failure, but as a template for what to do next time.

Global Fund celebrates 10th anniversary
Launched by the Bush Administration, the Global Fund to Combat AIDS and Tuberculosis has enjoyed success in the last decade. While still struggling for funding – Bill Gates recently donated $750 million – the Global Fund can serve as a guide for future international efforts to combat global social and health problems.

Davos and the Disconnected Elites
Washington Post conlumnist David Ignatiuis turns his attention to the World Economic Forum writing, “As the ‘best and brightest’ from the developing world plug into the global grid, they inevitably unplug from their local political, business and cultural networks. It’s a subtler version of what used to be called the ‘brain drain.'”

Investment Insider
The Wall Street Journal offers its thoughts on why – even for the risk-averse – technology may be tech stocks are looking so good.


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