What would Margaret Thatcher do?

The prominent role being played by German Chancellor Angela Merkel is hard to ignore considering the impact she is having, as well as the uniqueness of her leadership. As the only female head of state in Europe who has undoubtedly become a lightning rod provoking both criticism and praise, it is no surprise that comparisons to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher are being made.

With Europe suffocating under the burdens of debt and entitlements, the Wall Street Journal looks back on Thatcher’s terms in office and asks, “What would the Iron Lady do?

“The euro was planned against [Thatcher’s] wishes and introduced after she had left the scene. . . . .  Last week, the EU leaders met yet again (by one count, there have now been 17 of these crisis summits) to try to rescue the entire system. They seem, judging by market reaction, to have failed once more. You could almost hear the Iron Lady’s well-modulated tones calling “I told you so” from the wings,” writes Charles Moore.

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