Merkel at center of talks over euro

One political analyst contended that President Barack Obama’s reelection chances were linked to the success or failure of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. An invalid or valid argument, it underscores the critical role being played by Merkel in the discussions over how to solve the fiscal crisis gripping Europe, particularly this week.

The Washington Post reports that pressure is mounting on Merkel to accept some measure of short-term fix to the crisis, which she has steadfastly opposed. Merkel will travel to Paris to meet with French President Nicolas Sarkozy in the days before the European Union summit in Brussels on December 9.

The two leaders remain at odds on several issues, inlcuding the role of the European Central Bank and how to hold to account euro-area states that violate deficit rules. However, as Bloomberg News reports,  but their ability to reach some agreement on how to move forward, as well as their willingness to do something bold, that will determine the EU’s future.

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