IMF chief calls on nations outside EU to lend a hand

When US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner traveled to Europe a week ago, he carried a message to European leaders – do something about the debt crisis and do something now.
Recognizing the hesitancy of the US – and other nations – to commit finances to rescuing Europe, International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde stressed that the US and other nations cannot stand as bystanders as Europe falters.

“International support, solidarity, needs to be present,” Lagarde said, adding that the U.S. “is the first economic player in the world, and it has to continue to be a leader in the world economy. The best way to demonstrate leadership is to participate, not to withdraw.”

Rallying global leaders to assist the IMF is one of the challenges Lagarde has faced in her first six months, notes the Washington Post.

Last week, she say down to discuss her tenure to date and what lies ahead. Read the Lagarde full Q&A

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